Bean Sorcerer

49.95 GBP

Access to 50 Sethomes!

Silk SpawnerAbility to mine spawners with silk touch!

/pets - Have a choice of 15+ pets follow you around including a polar bear, llama and even an iron golem!

/effects - Access 15+ different preset effects on top of the 100+ particle effects from /playerparticles!

/feed - Never farm or eat food again!

/kit sorcerer- Full set of enchanted netherite armour, a enchanted netherite sword, enchanted bow and 5 Exotic Keys! Comes with Au/Ra's head!

Crate Keys - 7 uncommon keys, 6 rare keys, 5 legendary keys and 4 exotic keys

/co i - See who placed and broke blocks!

/kittycannon - Launch exploding cats at players!

/beezooka - Launch exploding bees at players!

/glow - Have your character glow with a choice of 16 different colours!

/playerparticles - 100+ different, customizable particle effects!

/craft - Open your crafting table on command!

/echest - Open your ender chest on command!

Tpa Cooldown Bypass - Bypass the 5 second wait and 20 second cooldown between teleporting!

/condense - turn ingots into nuggets on command!

Donor discord channel

Enhanced Signs - Ability to colour, bold and void text in signs!


/back - Teleport back to your last location!

/nick - Give yourself a nickname with coloured text!


Priority on join